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SNAP! 15

We got to a staggering 10 minutes long video this time around!
Far from being action-packed, the video delivers more of my usual London trash essay.
There's a twist to the plot though...
This video also happens to be a sort of a field report, my version of it, of the official RICOH GR Cities gathering, in other words, a gathering of very proud GR owners from around the UK getting together to geek out on the streets with their cameras. Such a lovely day!

I was scared to have gotten myself into a sort of RICOH GR cult event. What I found instead was just a bunch of very talented and energising human beings who also accidentally own a RICOH GR and are great fun to hang out with!

A special thank you to the RICOH team for making the day so special, to London and a glorious sunny day, to @Samuel Streetlife and @Sean Tucker for their inspiring words, Nigel and Tim for the very interesting chats and to everyone else I have not spoken to because I am an anxious ****head... In fact, sorry to all those present at the day if I haven't managed to introduce my grumpy face to you. Maybe this is why the video is long - I tried to include as many people's faces as possible - and if you do recognise yourself please do reach out to me directly in the comments.

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