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SNAP! 11

Ok. This clearly isn't the usual messy walk with the GoPro.
I spent some time in my uncle's flat in my hometown.
My camera, inspiring books and music, his paintings, chats with friends and time a lot of time on my hands.

Thanks to Marco for digging out Tomaž Pengov's amazing album "Odpotovanja" and to Anton for knowing it and being excited about it. Enthusiasm is contagious. We need more of that.

Oddly in the past, I have been told by people that my enthusiasm was offputting.
Points of view I guess.

The video is slow, self-indulging and almost tacky at some points. I am aware of it and I don't really care.

This is my notepad, that's how I see it.

Thanks to my uncle, to my parents, my friends for being amazing humans and for having to cope with my extravagances and idiosyncrasies.

I love you all, immensely.

Music is Tomaž Pengov - Odpotovanja (1973) - Oče I obviously don't own any rights and If it bothers anyone I'll take it down.

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