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SNAP! 09

First attempt at shooting with a DSLR attached to the GoPro.

Or rather the other way around, given the difference in volume and weight. The weight is probably good for filming as it provides more stability but it takes away massively the portability of the rig if compared to a RICOH GR II.

Not loving, not hating it. I love (again) the D90 though.

It's such a nice, rich and creamy file. I wouldn't know how else to explain it.
My first - semi-serious - DSLR - a gift in fact, which I won't ever forget.
I bought a 50mm pancake Series E for cheap as I wanted to keep the overall size relatively small, but a 50mm on a cropped sensor is not a great idea if doing quick and snappy street stuff as it's a bit too narrow for my taste. I'll try with a 24, maybe less if I can find that cheap Tokina zoom - non-Nikkor lenses were a no-no in my youth and now I'm kind of stupidly excited as it feels transgressive. What an idiot.

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