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SNAP! 08

First of all.
My SIGMA DP1s died - already - it's been affected by the erectile lens dysfunction syndrome. 2020 keeps delivering. Have a google to see what it is...

Thanks 2020, once again. 🙏

Moving on.

Both the RICOH GR II and the GoPro replica that I use don't perform so well in low light.
So, lots of visible noise and pixels.

I am Monkey Island fan, pixels don't scare me.
If anything they add personality. If I came up with a PIXEL LUT I could probably get away with.

I embrace my limitations as the true quintessence of creativity.
Plus, personally, I struggle when there are too many choices to make for gear, setups, plugins and stuff. Sometimes is just better going out, grabbing a camera and see what happens.

My choice is having to make fewer choices.

A different matter when you're working for a client - but this isn't the case obviously.

New episode, old formula.
But there's a twist...

I attached the GoPro to my ZOOM H4n recorder and capture live sound on the field.

So when you hear people laughing and birds singing, someone walking and so on it's not some wacky audio effects I downloaded off a sound-bank but it's actually what happened.

I should have brought a muff cover for the microphone as it was particularly windy...

Not much meaning, just enjoy it for what it is.

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