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SNAP! 07

Back to the RICOH as I as on job for the mighty people at Lauwd.

Prior to going out for the day, basically for the entire week before the 4th of July, I was overwhelmed by a rather pressing anxiety of being surrounded by people after 4 months of monastic isolation.

I am not a socialite, in case it wasn't clear, and lockdown, if anything, made that even more apparent.


It has been quite refreshing seeing humans and to see the efforts that everyone is making to push through these insane 2020.

Lots of heartwarming scenes. And lots of idiots too. Simply put humans.

Not going to be even more patronising - the video is already - but I thought this was a good time for all of us to do some thinking about ourselves, about others and kindness and generosity and all that stuff.

If we are isolated we are nothing, we literally don't exist.

So reach out to a friend you haven't heard from in a long time, write a letter or text to your parents, your grandma, send a gift to someone and do go out, have fun, but be safe and most importantly do care - about others and about yourself. It might not solve your immediate problems but it will pay off in the long run. I sound old and boring, but it's ok.

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A video you must watch:

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