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SNAP! 06

6th. Or 1st. New camera. Old Camera.

The last thing one could do when in lockdown and not earning any money is buying new gear.
Not sure it’s because or despite lockdown.

So basically I have a new camera. From 2018.

4 Megapixel, but Foveon - so it’s basically 14.

It’s not fast, it’s not bright, it’s not at all versatile.

I love it.

SIGMA DP1s in action. Amazing camera.

Thanks to Steve for selling me his camera and eBay for connecting us - eBay.

An ode to capitalism? Or the most real of all social networks? Are things what the seem to be?

Repurposing, transforming, using things not for they are supposed to, misplace, misalign, re-order. Things don’t get old.

It’s the way we look at them that does.

Raw files from camera, minimal correction and JPEG export from LR.

Next time I will be braver - straight JPEGs from camera.

Getting to know her.

Music is a chapter of its own. A much longer story, somewhat of a tribute to a long time inspiration of mine. An edit which I am rather proud of.

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