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SNAP! 05


I made the pictures bigger, move the layout around a bit (as suggested by some viewers in the comments) - it works. Thanks.

Way longer than expected, way more hypnotic than needed, on the edge on boring.

If you're expecting to be entertained don't bother.

If you're after 10 minutes of RICOH GR II in action, a bot of slo-mo and some eye-pleasing BW well then this video sounds like a much better fit.

Some files are JPGES straight off-camera, mostly the BW, as I keep getting amazed by how amazing that little camera called GR II is. Some might disagree and they are perfectly entitled to. Point and shoot. The RICOH GR II does exactly that.

Music is a 3 hrs Ableton wank by myself. If you like it do gimme a shout - it is indeed quite relaxing.

Any other questions, please don't hold back...

Accidentally featuring Aidan (who I literally met by chance in the woods - as you see in the video) and Natalia (plus dog), a former colleague of mine, who I had no idea lives around here and I bumped into while emerging from the woods (see video for reference).
Safe distance has been respectfully respected with both, obvs.

Be safe, please.

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