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La cena di Nanà

Award winning short movie

Nanà lives out of time, out of sync.

The kitchen has become her nest, her safe place. Cooking is the only thing that seems to make her happy. The phone, the ticking of the timer, voices and dialogues, the noise of the Super8 camera filming the scenes are all layered on top of each other becoming only indistinguishable and meaningless background. The story of a silent crisis, like many.

A breakdown, a breakthrough.
Something becoming clear.

40x70 locanana_edited.jpg

Festival & Awards

Festival del Cinema Italiano di Belgrado, Belgrade, Serbia - 2005
talian Film Festival, Rovinj, Croatia - 2005
Visioni Italiane, Officinema, Bologna, Italy - 2006
Lenola Film Festival, Lenola, Italy - 2006
Premio Sergio Amidei, Gorizia, Italy - 2005
Corto Imola Festival, Imola, Italy - 2006

Bianco Film Festiva, Perugia, Italy -  2006

Cinema Corto In Bra, Bra, Italy - 2006 - Special Mention

Fano Film Festival, Fano, Italy - 2006 - Best Actor award to Alessandro Haber

Bolzano Film Festival, Bozen, Italy - 2007
Brescello Film Festival, Brescello, Italy - 2007
Academia Barilla Short Films Awards - 2008 - Special mention
Filmakers Al Chiostro, Pordenone, Italy - 2008

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