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Lauwd is an online publication for discovering music, trends and culture. Our purpose is to shine a light on captivating people and the worlds they inhabit.

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The bargain section. That messy and dusty room you can find in many second-hand record shops around the world. It’s what every good record digger is looking for. A room full of unsorted records where to spend hours searching for that forgotten treasure.

So what about throwing a DJ in the middle of it and let him do his thing?
Putting together a decent set could become a real challenge if you are not lucky enough or if your music knowledge sucks…


The only rules are:

  • No pre-selected records - What You Find Is What You Play -

  • No genres or styles restrictions

  • Live video broadcast

original idea and developmentenrico policardo & marco bensa


street photography serie

Technically speaking it's nothing particularly new, I coupled a GoPro camera with my RICOH GR II, my SIGMA DP1s or any of the other cameras of my growing family...

The idea is showing you what grabs my attention on the street (or anywhere really), what my framing process and the final result are - after I processed the files in Lightroom (or not - given the direct positive filter on the GR II is just amazing).

East is East!

for checkinarchitecture

The Far East can seem very far, but movies can bring it a little bit closer. Udine is a city in the far north-east of Italy that for the last ten years has hosted the Far East Film Festival, an international film festival that as become a major showcase for Asian contemporary popular cinema in Europe and point of cultural exchange between the two continents.

Mission by Enrico Policardo, Borut Viola

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