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Behaviorism refers to a psychological approach that emphasizes scientific and objective methods of investigation. This approach is solely concerned with observable stimulus-response behaviors and asserts that all behaviors are learned through interactions with the environment.

Inspired by the work of B.F. Skinner and the Behaviourist movement, The Behaviourist serves as a platform to collect and share a visual exploration of how humans interact with their surrounding environment.

The content is a mix between portraits and reportages on artists, makers and thinkers and excursions into the raving scene, rites and rituals, gatherings and the multitude of expression around what happens when humans get together.

I did not direct my life.
I didn't design it. I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me. That's what life is.

¬B.F. Skinner

I have developed a visual identity for the photographic and video platform, using Tumblr as the base to build the website, customizing and tweaking HTML and CSS codes in order to save money on hosting. This approach not only demonstrates that a professionally-looking website can be created with minimal resources, but also underscores the importance of a strong identity and the ability to interpret and implement visually.

This approach is a constant in my work.

I seek limitations to work with, and whenever possible, I try and utilise open-source, beta, new platforms and materials, as well as recycling and reinventing to always keep a sense of naivety and newness.


As part of the brand, there's a netlabel on Bandcamp operating under the moniker The Behaviorist. Here, I've meticulously collected and curated a selection of electronic releases that align with The Behaviorist's visual identity. Embracing the allure and mystery of early digital media, I blend film and cheap digital camera files, layering and superimposing them digitally. This approach aims to retain a sense of hope and mystery, while also complementing the dark nature of the music releases.

Each release is unique and bespoke, tailored to the artist and the sound and mood of the album. This ensures that every offering from The Behaviorist netlabel is an immersive and distinctive experience for listeners.

An audiovisual collaboration with choreographer and artist Rosamond Martin


Content produced
Web & print graphics
Social Media
Videos & motion


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