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"Disco is music for dancing, and people will always want to dance." 
¬Giorgio Moroder


At the core of (OFF THE COOP) are its resident DJs: Half Le Mans (Enrico and Marco) with eclectic sets spanning hip hop to techn. Their journey has been a sonic odyssey, marked by legendary parties at the Moustache Bar, in Dalston, London.

A pivotal moment came in 2015 with More Downstairs—a groundbreaking initiative challenging DJs to unearth hidden gems from record store basements, broadcasting their sets live worldwide.

As the curator of (OFF THE COOP)'s visual identity, I've meticulously selected images that illustrate the evolution of our logo and graphics over time, including all the various offsprings.

Whether it was for More Downstairs, Cheap Wax, or other projects, I always tried to keep our visuals faithful to our style while embracing flexibility and change,


Even as Cheap Wax, the radio show that branched from More Downstairs and that continues to air on Netil Radio, I have tried to maintain its look in line with our overall brand.

Every design choice reflects our dedication to quality and our love for music and culture.

More Downstairs ¬WYFIWYP

What You Find Is What You Play. Basically musical foraging.

In record shop there's always a sign or a invitation to the shittiest section, the one where only the bravest and craziest diggers want to commit to but also the one the can deliver the most delicious of satistactions both for the pocket and music wise. From there the concept was easy to develop.

The bargain section, that messy and dusty room you can find in each and every second hand record shop around the world. It is the place that makes every record's digger hands itching of impatience. So what about throwing a DJ in the middle of it and let him do his thing? Putting together a decent set could become a real challenge if you are not lucky enough or if your music knowledge sucks...

These the simple ingredients

1. no pre-selected records - what you find there is what you play
2. no genres or styles restriction
3. live audio broadcast (live and direct)

For every event, I've crafted custom graphics and identities, tailored to the musical and personal style of our guests. This approach maintains the playful and colourful vibe of More Downstairs while ensuring each occasion feels uniquely special.

The graphics would extend to the streaming splash screens, Mixcloud, and each and every single product coming out of our brand.

(OFF THE) COOP & More Downstairs continue to live as a radio show on Netil Radio and whilst my participation is sporadic Marco & Gavin continue to honour the tradition of our brand and I make sure every now and then to put together a nice graphic for a show or a mixtape.

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