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Playing with the concept of modularity, which typically evokes geometric shapes, control, and straight lines, I devised an identity that challenges this notion. Instead of adhering to the conventional modular aesthetic, I sought to infuse warmth, sensory appeal, humanity, and tactility into the design. This concept has been translated across various mediums including web, print media, and videos, culminating in a comprehensive package that not only redefines modular identity but also enhances the entire modular experience. This approach involves integrating graphics seamlessly with the physical environment's decor, crafting bespoke menus for beverages, and offering memorabilia and photos for guests to take home. These objects not only convey information but also serve as beautiful design pieces in their own right, transcending mere functionality to become visually captivating items.

Artboard 1 copy 4_3x-100.jpg
Artboard 1 copy_3x-100.jpg

Web & print graphics
Social Media
Videos & motion  


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