Fabric London-

I started working for Fabric back in 2013, taking a lot of my most creative still life work. From flying fishes to flying mushrooms, minerals and flowers and carnivorous plants, I have covered pretty much all the organic and inorganic manifestations of matter on earth.

Over the last few years, I started taking pictures during the club nights for my side-not so side- project The Behaviourist which is all about humans and their behaviour.

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I have made hundreds of videos in the form of short clips, commercials, documentaries, music videos and several other bits and bobs that are difficult to label ( I also made an award-winning short movie back in 2005), to fit in a category and to make sit well next to each other in a portfolio or a video reel.
I'll try to disseminate little crumbs across the website...

London, SE3
United Kingdom

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