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A collection of presets for the RICOH GR II that works perfectly with GR I and GR III as well.

The name is clearly taken from Frank Owen's book and it refers to my work as a nightlife photographer, as these are in fact the presets I regularly use for my own pictures.

Package content

In the bundle, there are 2 colors and 3 BW presets

  1. Clubland Confidential_01 - a basic no-frills preset that respect the natural look of the RICOH GR and draws inspiration from its classic Positive Film built-in look

  2. Clubland Confidential_02 - a softer approach with smoothened dark tones and creamier tints

  3. Clubland Confidential_BW_01 - a color-desaturated BW look that allows plenty of customization in the hue/saturation and highlight/shadows/black ranges

  4. Clubland Confidential_BW_02 - a pure BW look, low contrast, rich thick mid-tones, and generous highlights

  5. Clubland Confidential_BW_03 - another pure BW look, sharp, unapologetically high in contrast, perfect for street photography and high-impact portraits  



Software Requirements: All Lightroom Versions that use the .lrtemplate files for presets (CC 2015 for example)

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