I wanted something light and easy to carry around with me. A ghost camera, barely visible but able to take good quality pictures. I bought one. I took pictures for pretty much a month before taking off to India. It was all good.

It broke, three days after landing in India. What is a photographer defined by? What is a photographer all together?
Does the camera make the photographer? What is a photographer without a device which is capable to record the reality she or he sees?

I had my phone, an iPhone 5c, in pretty bad shape.

What I thought was a burden, turned out to be an inner journey, a rediscovery about what a photographer sees, not caring about the image too much, about the composition, but only and exclusively a visual journal, a dashboard to pinpoint colours, ideas, emotions, sounds. A palette of myself.

Looking back at them I can see how the camera, although very compact and barely visible, was an obstacle, a filter, a mental block to what I was seeing. The more I got detached from it, the more my images got warmth, personality, proximity with my subjects and with myself.